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How to Write an Academic Paper: A Contribution to Your Improvement

Academic study

The Main Demands to Academic Writing

It is not that difficult to write a paper. However, it is much more difficult to write an academic paper at an acceptable quality and get a good grade for it. Nevertheless, if you think about your future, you should care about your grades and academic success. Thus, you should be aware of the main demands to academic papers` writing. The requirements differ a lot taking into account the level of complexity for the assignment. There are still some common points to follow.

  • The Common Requirements to All Academic Papers

    If you are working on assignment, no matter of which type and academic level, you should take into account the following demands:

    • Study Plan Following of the Assignment Instructions

      The paper will never be of a normal quality, if you have not followed the instructions provided by your professor. Thus, the first thing you should do is to check the assignment requirements (read them at least twice), make sure you understand them well and underline the main details. Omitting of even the smallest detail can lead to the grade and quality deduction.

    • Covering the Topic Fully

      The topic of your assignment should be covered well. There should not be too much general information in your paper. Moreover, the topic should be reviewed from various aspects to be overviewed fully. Thus, if your topic is narrow, this will take less text, and if your topic is general, you will most likely need to write more.

    • Supporting of Arguments

      Each argument, feature or specific point of view included to the paper should be supported by examples, links to reliable sources etc. If the argument has no basis, this means that it is not strong enough.

    • No Grammar Mistakes

      If a paper has typos, grammar, punctuation mistakes etc., this shows that the person was not working on it accurately. Thus, obviously, such a paper does not deserve a good grade.

  • The Specific Requirements According to the Academic Level

    Obviously, the demands to a high school paper are much different than for a doctoral level one. Therefore, here we offer you the comparison for the requirements according to the complexity of assignment, or its academic level.

    High School

    College (Undergraduate 1-2)

    University (Undergraduate 3-4)




    The general topic about some common issue

    The general topic on an issue, that specifically deals with the subject

    The narrow topic on some basic scientific issue

    The narrow topic regarding the narrow scientific problem mostly

    The narrow topic on some specific issue or aspect/feature of an issue


    The minimal structure (usually 5 paragraphs are enough)

    There can be 5 paragraphs or  some more complex structure

    Usually the complex structure with the division of the body parts on few subcategories

    As a rule the structure is complex, having three levels of division

    A complex logical structure having 3 or more levels, based on the principles of coordination, subordination and division.


    Any available sources

    Any offline or online sources (excluding the ones having “pedia” in their name)

    Only reliable academic sources

    Only reliable academic sources available in online and offline libraries, also some rare editions

    All the reliable sources, which deal with the selected topic, even if they are difficult to be found


    Simple language

    Simple language with usage of some general terms

    The academic tone of writing with usage of terms on the subject and links to the scientific theories

    The complex language with the specific terms on the subject.

    The language is mostly understandable only for those, who know the issue well: the complex terms and specific theories, which require the deep investigation.

Logical Mistakes to Avoid

Any well-written paper should be written taking into account the logical rules of the text building. However, some students do not pay attention to this aspect and this makes them lose points for some mistakes, which make their text less clear. Missing some points sometimes creates even a nonsense within the paper`s content.

  • Students “A without B”

    The paper`s structure should be clear and division should be logical. Therefore, if you have decided to specify some points of a certain aspect and determine them separately, there should be at least two sub points of your outline. Simply telling, if you have given any information under the “A” point, there should be the “B” point. The same thing works with the enumeration.

  • “10 Points, But Not”

    If you have indicated that there will be the certain number of arguments/points/ features, etc, you should check that you meet this number. Telling, that there are 10 facts, and naming only 5 of them won`t work for a good paper.

  • Tenses Confusion

    A lot of students also get confused with the tenses usage within their papers. If you have started with the Past, kindly proceed with the Present actions and then to the Future ones. If you mess up the tenses, this will make your point less clear, and your reader won`t be able to catch your idea.

  • Consequences Mess

    If you are writing about the consequences, kindly make sure that you have indicated the results first. Your reader won`t want to go back while reading to understand what you wanted to tell.

How to Write an Academic Paper Well Step by Step?

There are different types of papers, and they have specific requirements. Here we will divide them according to the content they are supposed to cover.

  • The 1st Type: Certain Source(s) Is (Are) Central
    • Types of Papers Belonging Academuc Paper

      Here we can mention the types of papers, where a student is required to base his paper on a specific source: book/movie reviews, the response papers, the annotated bibliography etc.

    • How to Write

      The 1st Step: Check the required source well. You should better read it twice to understand better.

      The 2nd Step: Make the notes from it, underline or highlight the most important ideas. Define your own impression from the source.

      The 3rd Step: Write your paper, talking about your impressions and adding the quotes and links as examples.

  • The Writer`s Analysis Is Central
    • A: The Types of Papers Belonging

      Here belong the majority of academic assignments, namely a lot of types of essays, research papers, dissertations, coursework etc.

    • B: How to Write Essay Writing

      The 1st Step: Select a topic or get the one from your assignment instructions.

      The 2nd Step: Find the sources related to the issue you will write about and check them attentively.

      The 3rd Step: Define your opinion on the issue and take the certain side.

      The 4th Step: Write a paper, where your opinion is supported by the reliable academic sources checked.

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