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Argumentative Essay Topics on Abortion: Which Aspects of This Issue Can Be Written about?

Everybody knows that abortion is a controversial issue, which cannot be resolved completely. This is a good example of a moral dilemma, when you should select the better variant, when both are not the one you like. That is why there exist a lot of argumentative essay topics on abortion that people write on.


Argumentative Essay Topics Specification

Before we give you the list of topics to check, there is some information you should know when choosing. Firstly, you should select not only the topic, you like, but the topic you feel you can qualitatively write on. Also, it is important to take a certain side on the issue you write about and provide arguments both: to support your opinion and show the weak sides of the opposite view. Finally, it is important to have a strong conclusion showing that you are certain to have proved your point.


Topics You May Choose from

  • Is raping a reason enough for abortion?
  • Abortion and economic troubles. Should the government take measures?
  • Is abortion a killing?
  • Can the embryo be considered a human being?
  • Should abortion be legal?
  • Roe vs. Wade court case: was it resolved in a proper way?
  • Does abortion influences the understanding of the value of life?
  • Is abortion somehow connected with suicide?
  • Abortion and giving children for adoption, what is the better choice?
  • Is abortion a right of women?
  • Does abortion have a bad impact on woman`s health?
  • Is there a possibility of compromise regarding abortions?
  • Can abortion be taken as a form of contraception?
  • Does the abortion cause the psychological issues for the woman?
  • Should abortion be allowed as a population control measure?
  • Is abortion racial?
  • Does the cultural values have influence on the frequency of abortions?
  • Is abortion a consequence of improper sex education?
  • Should doctors be allowed to do aborts?
  • Is the risk of health problems for a child enough for abortion?
  • Is abortion an act of discrimination in a lot of cases?
  • Is the number of abortions an issue that a government should regulate?
  • Was Mother Teresa right talking about abortion?
  • Are the arguments against abortion convincing enough?
  • Are the arguments for abortion good enough?
  • Is abortion a sin?
  • Does the time of abortion makes difference?
  • Should a man fight against abort his woman is about to commit?
  • Should abortion be a decision of the whole family?
  • Can a woman blame some social and economic factors to take responsibility out of her?
  • Is making an abort better than growing up an unwonted child?
  • Can the woman`s psychological trauma be a cause of abortion?
  • Is making abortion legal a respect to human rights?
  • Will legalization of abortion have positive or negative consequences mostly?
  • Will the woman forget about an abortion soon?


What If You Feel Confused?

If you doubt while the topic selection or you do not know what to write on the chosen topic, no need to worry. We have experts, who have completed a lot of essays on abortion and they are aware of its modern understanding. Therefore, you can get helped by a professional and get an up-to-date topic and interesting information covered in your essay. You will be surprised to see, that an argumentative essay on such a common topic as abortion can be fresh and extra-ordinary!

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