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Advice for a Decision Making Essay

It is difficult to make decisions sometimes, but it is even more challenging to write a decision making essay. Therefore, to help you with this tough task we offer you a few hints on what to write about in your essay about decision making.


Importance of the Proper Making Decisions Process

The good decision defines your success. Thus, you should better learn more on critical thinking and decision making, as this information and skills will help you a lot in your life. Being well-aware of how to find effective solutions will help you to avoid failures and manage your time without any losses.


Decision Making Essay: Explain the Process

A good decision is not always easy to get. To do everything properly, one needs to follow the next steps:

       1. You Should Identify the Problem You Are Dealing with

It is necessary to find out, what you are actually dealing with. State the case you need to get a decision for.

       2. Search for Information

To make sure what you are fully aware of the issue, gather more information about it. You should benefit from the online and offline sources.

       3. Analyze the Situation

Now you should think of the conditions of the situation that actually takes place. Analyze all the factors, which influence it and put it into logical connections with other situations.

       4. Develop the Possible Solutions

It is high time to think what can be done. Note all the possible solutions that need to be reviewed.

       5. Critically Evaluate the Options

You should think of the pluses and minuses of each possible solution you have found. This will make you close to actual making a final decision. You can draw a simple table for an each option. There should be 4 columns: strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the option. This is known to be a SWOT analysis, which is widely used in Business Studies, Finance etc.

       6. Select the Best Option

There is the best plan of actions among the suggested ones, so choose the one based on your analysis. Obviously, the best option is the one that has the most pluses and the least minuses if to compare with others. This will be your way to resolve the situation.

       7. Act!

Making a decision without acting is pointless. Thus, proceed to the most important step of the whole process and apply the solution in practice!


Options to Get Helped in Decision Making

Sometimes we need some help in decision making. Indeed, it is a good idea to discuss the issue with a person, who is an expert in the field you need to deal with.

  • Act in Groups

Having a group of experts in various fields helps a lot, since you can fully overview the issue and be aware of all the difficulties faced. Every group member is able to express his own opinion on the situation and provide an in-depth analysis from the point of view he is professional in.

  • Discuss the Problem with an Expert

There is a point to talk to the expert directly. Our company has a numerous team of experts in different fields, so we will definitely find an appropriate helper for you. Your assistant will not only help you to make the best possible decision, but he is always ready to write a good and qualitative decision making essay.

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