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Essay on Indian Culture: Types of Essays to Write

The other countries` culture are quite interesting. You actually learn the world through learning how other people live. However, it is hard to understand the way the people live and think in different corners of the world. Thus, it is difficult to write a good essay on Indian culture.


What Types of Essays Can Be Written on Indian Culture?

As you already know, there are 4 main types of essay writing, and each type has its subtypes as well. Let`s see, what kind of essays one can write on Indian culture and what they will be about.

  • Expository Essays

This is probably the best type for essay on such a topic. You can review the geographical conditions that Indian people are living under and say how they influenced their culture. It is possible to look back to Indian history as it influenced their culture development. It is also possible to select a certain aspect of the Indian culture and write about it in details.

A. Compare and Contrast Essay

The specifics of the Indian culture can be shown through the prism of comparison. Take your native culture as a basis and set the points to be compared. As a result you will get a well-structured essay showing what is similar and what is different between you culture and Indian culture.

B. Cause and Effect Essay

Some certain events or conditions surely have their influence on people`s culture. You can write about how some of traditions were introduced to Indian culture through the review of their history etc.

C. Summary Essay

If you have read a good book on Indian Culture, you can write a summary essay. Just include the main points of it into your essay and cite your paper properly. Please, make sure that your teacher will accept this type of essay for the assignment given.


  • Descriptive Essays

You can also write a pure description dealing with the Indian culture. It is possible to descript their national closing through the portrait of a common woman/man. It will also be a good idea to describe the typical Indian living place etc.


  • Argumentative Essays

In order to write an argumentative essay on Indian culture, you will need to find some problematic point in it. For example, you can argue on the division of responsibilities between a woman and a man in Indian society. Also, there can be two points of view on Indian people`s sleeping on the floor, so you can make up an argumentative essay on this issue etc.


  • Narrative Essays

It is also possible to write a narrative essay on Indian culture. This will be a good idea if you have been there and you can tell the story of what you faced while staying in India. If you have never been to India, you can tell a story of your friend or even create an imaginary story of you staying in India. Such an imaginary story will show how well aware you are of the Indian culture and how you understand it.


Help with Essay on Indian Culture

If you find our hints helpful, but still do not know how to apply them, contact our writers for help. We will find the Indian culture experts for your help and they will assist you with your particular assignment. Due to the co-operation, you will be able to create the most interesting and well-written essay.

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