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Learn How to Write a Comparative Essay at Its Best!

A comparative essay is quite specific and without the proper understanding of its specifics one won`t complete it well. What are the main difficulties one faces while writing a comparative essay and how to write a comparative essay faster and better?


Difficulties Concerning Comparative Essay Writing

Here are the following aspects, which may be challenging for you.

  • Selection of a Topic

A common topic won`t be suitable in this case. Your specific comparative essay topic should show, what is actually being compared. Thus, a good topic will have at least two components in form of “The comparison of *subject 1* and *subject 2*”, or “*Subject 1* and *subject 2*: Similarities and Differences”, or even “ *Subject 1* VS *Subject 2*”.

Note: The subjects to be compared should have enough features that make them different and features, which are similar in both. Thus, the best option is to take two subtypes of one category (such as Cats and Dogs being both Domesticated”.


  • Selection of a Structure

The comparison is to be clear. Description of one subject followed by the description of another one won`t represent an actual comparison. Therefore, you should better select the better structuring model. We suggest you two possible comparative essay structuring types.

The 1st Type: Similarities + Differences

Due to this structure your body part will have 2 blocks. The first block of paragraphs will deal with the similar features detected in the subjects reviewed. The second block will tell your reader about what are the main differences between your subjects of comparison.

The 2nd Type: Feature by Feature

You can also go feature by feature and tell the way it is represented in your subjects. In this case you should remember, that a paragraph should have only one feature, or a group of the much similar features. Structuring your comparative essay it is quite important not to mess up.


  • Framing Your Comparative Essay with Introduction and Conclusion

You should also remember, that comparative essay is also an essay. Thus, it is to have introduction and conclusion.

Introduction for a Comparative Essay

An introduction should clearly say what is being compared and what for. It will be good to include some background information. Also, the last sentence should be a thesis statement, including your topic, your findings, and main things to support your findings. Thus, your reader will get the tone of your writing and know what the essay is about further. Your task is to intrigue him. To catch a reader, you can hook him. Well, not literary, but with the catchy first sentence or two.

Conclusion for a Comparative Essay

There is a certain rule for a conclusion: NEVER say something new in it. Thus, you should summarize your findings and put an emphasis on the main ones. Also, there should be certain thoughts about the pair of subjects after you have compared them. Your conclusion will be the best place for those thoughts. Do not forget to paraphrase the thesis statement in your conclusion, as this will confirm that you have reached your essay goals.


Assistance with Tough Points Regarding Comparative Essays

If you do not know how to write a comparative essay at all, or you face some issues with any of its aspects, you should contact us for help. Our experts will assist you at the highest quality.

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