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How to write a conclusion for an essay?

The common issue that a student can face while writing an essay is a lack of knowledge how to end the paper. Usually it seems that you have already written everything necessary and there is nothing left to say. However, writing a conclusion is not so difficult indeed and you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just follow the basic rules and recommendations, which we prepared for you in this article.

  1. 1.       Qualities of a good closing of the essay.
  • The well-written conclusion should be concise and end your essay decisively.
  • All your points can be tied up together in many ways, such as:

-          Offering a value judgment;

-          Suggesting the implication of your ideas;

-          Recommending course of actions;

-          Predicting future developments;

-          Summing up your main points.

  1. 2.       Reinforcing a present topic of your essay.
  • Do not open a new topic in the conclusion. It is not a right place to introduce new ideas as you will not have enough space to develop and support them: the concluding part is just one brief paragraph.
  • Closing should be relevant to your ideas and reinforce the points introduced in the thesis statement and body paragraphs.
  • If you provide recommendation or predictions they should grow out of the discussion preceded.
  1. 3.       Close the discussion but do not close it off.
  • You may end with the quotation from one of your sources that reflects your central idea and sets it in a different perspective. If you provide a quotation from a poem or novel it will add specificity to your writing. A reference to a scholar or a critic can assert your point and make it more complicated. Nevertheless, make sure that the last word in the discussion is yours.
  • Use your conclusion to set the central idea into broader, more general context and show its function and significance in this surrounding.
  • Give your own definition to one of the key terms or concepts in the paper. Your discussion may reveal or emphasize some features of the concept. Thus, you can redefine a term using your own elaborations.
  • Think about possible implication of your argument or the results of your discussion. The conclusion should indicate what your analysis may suggest, imply or involve.
  1. 4.       More tips on writing the conclusion.
  • Do not just sum up your paper. A short summary can be useful for the lengthy essays; however, if you are writing a short paper there is no need to repeat what was just said.
  • Link your conclusion with the first paragraph. It will create a sense of completeness and a full circle for the reader. This is how you will demonstrate that the issue stated initially has been solved.
  • Experts recommend concluding with the sentence built with simple one-syllable words. The readers will feel like the solution is easier to understand.
  • Use a compound or parallel sentence for conclusion. If your discussion was complex this kind of ending will fell just right.

These are the main steps to conclude your paper. Follow them and be sure to complete an effective closing for the essay.

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