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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay: the Common Demands

Conclusion is the common part that is required in practically all academic paper. The purpose of conclusion is clear. Nevertheless, you should know how to write a conclusion for an essay well to get an effective one.


What Is Conclusion and Where to Place It?

Conclusion is the final part of any paper and should be placed at the very end. The significance of conclusion lies in the fact that it needs to show:

  • Why the Paper Was Needed to Be Written?
  • What Did You Learn Having Investigated an Issue?
  • What Points Are Main from the Essay Completed?


What Are the Main Principles of Conclusion Writing?

There are some demands to conclusion of any essay. Check the following advice not to make common mistakes.

  • No Examples

Conclusion is not the place for examples. Now you need to state opinions, not keep supporting them.

  • Keep the Limits

Conclusion is not usually taking much text. In 5 paragraph essay structure conclusion occupies the last paragraph. Do not make conclusion as long your essay body part – conciseness is quite important in this case. For you to understand better: conclusion is 10-15% of the whole essay, surely if it is not too large.

  • No Words Expressing Uncertainty

Within your essay body part you show the process of thinking. In conclusion you should be already certain in your findings. So, words like “most likely”, “perhaps”, “maybe” etc. will weaken your conclusion and cause to a total failure of your essay.

  • Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is the last sentence of your introduction and shows your writing intentions and specific narrowed topic, which will be reviewed in the next paragraphs. Basically, it shows your purpose of writing. To confirm, that you have gained your aims, you should paraphrase your thesis statement in conclusion. This leads your essay to the logical ending.

  • Different from Previous Paragraph

After you have completed your essay, double check whether your conclusion is clear. A lot of essays written by students seem to have no conclusion: conclusion looks like another body paragraph.

  • Nothing New

Never mention anything new in conclusion if you have not talked about this in body part. Conclusion is more for summarizing, for putting accents and showing the most important findings, rather than for new information to support your point.


Types of Conclusions Depending on the Essay Writing Type

There are 4 types of essay writing, and conclusion for all of them differ.

           1. Descriptive Essay Writing

The conclusion for such an essay will show, that the full picture of the subject has been created.

           2. Narrative Essay Writing

The conclusion shows the resolved conflict and its significance.

           3. Expository (Explanatory) Essay Writing

Your conclusion confirms, that the main points of issue have been covered and there are some major findings on it.

           4. Argumentative Essay Writing

In your conclusion you state that your reader has been convinced in your point of view.


Help with Conclusion Writing

If you feel that you cannot produce a good conclusion, ask our writer to help. You will be able to upload your unfinished essay and your writer will add the best suitable conclusion to it. In case you need to learn how to write a conclusion to an essay, you may ask your writer for explanations as well.

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