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Step by Step Hints on How to Write a Critical Lens Essay Effectively

If you are not experienced in academic writing you may face issues on how to write a critical lens essay. Indeed, it is not that easy to know the specific features of all kinds of essays. To ease your task we suggest you the step by step guideline on the critical lens essay writing.


Writing Critical Lens Essay: Steps with Explanations

To write a good critical lens essay you just need to follow the next steps. As we assume, that you are not an expert, we will do our best to explain as clearly as it is possible.

       Step #1: Check the Instructions for Assignment

Although this step is too obvious, there are still some points, you should pay an exceptional attention to. So, the first thing you should underline is the quote. Each critical lens essay requires you to use the certain quote, which will actually be your critical lens. The next thing to check is the list of required sources. Remember to find/select 2 literary works to deal with. In some cases you may be required to find appropriate books by yourself. Finally, check the word limits and formatting style required.

       Step #2: Understand the Quote

Read the quote suggested. You may read it a few times and think over how you understand it. It is extremely important for you to have a clear opinion about the quote before you proceed.

       Step #3: Read the Books

It is necessary for you to be well-aware of the texts analyzed. You should read thoughtfully, as even some minor points may help you later in writing. It is a great idea to put the necessary notes while reading, as you already know which points fall into the field of your interests having understood the quote.

       Step #4: Write an Outline

Having approached the books through the critical lens of your quote, you may have some ideas on what to write about. So, this is time for writing an outline to organize your thoughts. Start it with introduction and finish with a conclusion. All the ideas should be separated into different points, which will later turn into paragraphs.

       Step #5: Write Your Draft

Now you can take your outline as a basis and start writing your critical lens essay. Remember, that two literary works should be represented nearly equally. Also, you should deal only with those aspects, which refer and explain your quote. There is no need to retell the whole books` plots. It will be better if you do not separate the review of books through the quotes and structure your paper according to some points/ideas/aspects.

       Step #6: Edit and Proofread Your Draft

After your paper is completed, read it a few times again. Take off some sentences if you feel that they are not that important. You will also be surprised to see a few minor mistakes to be corrected. If you have a friend to help you, read the essay aloud for him and take into account his remarks.


What If Something Is Still Unclear?

If you feel that you cannot cope with this task alone, contact us and we will definitely assist you. Our writer will not only complete the perfect essay for you, but will explain whatever you need to know on how to write a critical lens essay effectively.

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