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How to write a good college essay: key points to consider.

Be sure that essay writing will follow you throughout your entire academic career: since high school till graduation from the college or university. We highly recommend you to treat your writing assignments with responsibility as it is not only a grade that you need them for but also they help to develop many skills, such as analysis, synthesis, summarizing, elaborating sources, explicating arguments, proving the opinion, and structuring your thoughts. Also, you should consider the point that college essay requirements will differ from those you have been following for your high school tasks. Our article will provide you with basic tips on writing a good college essay.

  1. 1.       How does college writing differ from high school?
  • The first thing you have to realize when you start writing at college is that you are not required to write better papers but you are to complete different papers. You just need to aim you skills on completing a brand new task.
  • Make sure that every time you get an assignment you check the instruction, handout or guidelines properly. In different papers you may be asked to complete absolutely distinctive assignments with one reading, for example: summarizing, analyzing, writing a response or reflection. Remember that even if you have written a brilliant essay but it does not meet the requirements you will not get a good grade for it.
  1. 2.       Argument writing.
  • Arguments are key qualities of the college writing. Make sure that your arguments are systematic.
  • The argument should suggest following things to the audience:

-          it should be a claim, which grabs interest and triggers for more research;

-          each argument should be reasoned and supported by the evidence;

-          make sure that you have considered limits and objections to your argument.

  • Do your best to present your arguments as a sequence of claims, reasons, and responses to challenges. The arguments present usually disputable points, which is why the audience must not only understand our way of thinking but think though whether to agree with your position.
  • Do not pose your writing as arguing but rather as cooperation with the reader. Make sure he feels interested and comfortable with your paper.
  1. 3.       Interpreting instructor’s requirements.
  • We have already indicated that your main guide is the assignment from your professor. In fact, there are many answers that you can find in questions. Usually your instructor will form the assignment in the way aimed to help not to confuse you. Just read it attentively and try to find the core concepts.
  • In case the assignment is to agree or disagree with some statement you need to consider two opposite claims.
  • If you are asked to analyze the reading make sure you are following it. In such cases you do not need to summarize what you have read – you task presupposes that your audience is familiar with the source.
  • Some of the analysis should be motivated by students on their own and the research must be conducted depending on the opinions and views on the issue.
  • Remember that you have any doubts or questions regarding your task do not hesitate to consult your instructor.

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