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How to Write a Hook for an Essay: Types of Hooks and Things to Remember

To hook your reader and keep his attention till the very end of your essay, you need to have a talent in writing. However, there is another way out. Check the modern tricks on how to write a hook for an essay from our writing experts!


When to Hook?

When should the hook be included to an essay writing? Let’s see: a reader creates his impression about the text within the first few seconds. Generally, those seconds are enough to look through the first 1 or 2 lines of introduction. Thus, your task is to catch your reader’s attention with the help of hook placed at the very beginning!


What Can Hook Your Reader?

A good hook is usually an individual thing. Indeed, you can not write something, which will be equally interesting for all people. However, your target audience should be as numerous as possible. Therefore, you can benefit from a few modern hook techniques.

     1. Hook with the Help of Numbers

People usually like surprising numbers, especially if they are too big or too small. Find an appropriate fact related to you topic and here you go! Start with giving the fact by itself and then explain it briefly. Make sure that it is not the finding that you have came to – those things should be placed in body of essay, and never in introduction.

     2. Hook with a Deep Quote

You may start with the quote of a famous person as well, which will make your reader think a bit and create his own point of view. Such tricks activates your reader’s attention and your aim can be considered to be achieved!

     3. Hook with a Paradox

The first sentence or two can also be a paradox. You can deny a well-known fact or tell something, which contradicts logical rules. Hard to believe, but such hooks work. After reading the sentence, your reader says “What?!” and he needs to read further to get an explanation. You should give a good clear explanation after including this type of hook though.

     4. Hook with a Story

Why not to read a story? That is what your reader will think having read a beginning with a brief story. This sets a tone of an easy reading aimed on entertaining your reader to a certain extend.

There are a lot of more hooks you can use, just contact us for advice regarding your particular essay!


Things to Remember While Writing a Hook for an Essay

There are a few things you should take into account while writing a hook for any essay.

  • Always Tell the Truth

A fake hook can be surprising and catchy, but if your reader finds out it is wrong, he will loose his trust in the information provided in the essay.

  • Mind Your Style

Not all hooks will be appropriate for all essays. Remember, that by introduction and hook in particular, you set the tone of the text. A humoristic hook for a serious essay won’t work for sure.

  • Mind Your Topic

You can write the best interesting hook, but it will be of no use if it is not related to your topic. Make sure that your text is coherent and all its parts are logically connected.

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