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How to write a narrative essay: writing guidelines.

A narrative essay is not just a story. The main difference between the narrative essay and story is that the writer uses the method of telling about sequence of facts and events (narration) in order to explicate some idea. The narration essay should be informative and exciting for the reader. Our guide will provide you with basic tips on writing a narration.

  1. 1.       Purpose of writing.
  • Think why you are telling this story. Each narration essay should have a purpose; typically it is entertaining or informing the reader about your point.
  1. 2.       Context of your topic.
  • You need to explicate the context of the narrative essay from the very beginning. Make clear who is acting, what is going on and where and when it is happening.
  1. 3.       Person and point of view.
  • A narrative paper should be written in the first or third person. Usually you cannot use the second person.
  • If this story is about you the best choice is the first person (I).
  • In case you are telling about the events based on actions of other people or circumstances that do not depend on you it is recommended to use the third person (he, she, they).
  1. 4.       Details.
  • Your story must be detailed in order for you to be clear and specific in the narration.
  • What is more, the reader can be attracted by the vivid and interesting details, which is why, try to include some pieces that will refer to the reader’s senses. If you are telling about the subject describe its color or smell.
  • Make sure that you are using the details, which are relevant to your narrative.
  1. 5.       Organization of the essay.
  • The narrative essay traditionally has a chronological time line. Nevertheless, you may use such creative option as flashback if you are sure that your narrative will be still clear for the reader.
  • Usually narration essay is written in the past tense. Thus, make sure that you are following the consequence of tenses in your paper.
  1. 6.       Structure of the narrative essay.
  • The narrative typically has 3 parts: introduction, main body and the conclusion.
  • Introduction must include following components:

-          a “hook” for the reader”:  interesting fact or statistic data, quotation from the book or famous person’s saying;

-          Scene setting: information that explains the reader the main elements of the story – characters, time, place and so on;

-          Thesis statement: in the narrative it can begin the events in the story or suggest a moral or a lesson to the reader. Also, you can determine the general theme which is connected with your story.

  • The main body of the essay includes descriptions and details that will assist the reader in understanding the writer’s experience. Also, here you should provide the supporting evidence that will explicate your thesis. Make sure that you do not omit transitions and the story flows and is clear.
  • The conclusion should close your events and also proves the significance of the experience described. Tell the reader about the lesson you have learned and how those events influenced your life. As you have stated a moral in your thesis turn back to it and show how you proved your statement.

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