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How to write a proper essay?

There are a number of essay’s types you will be assigned at college or university. Despite different purpose of writing and other details they share some basic characteristics and requirements, which every student must know in order to be able to complete proper papers. Out brief guide will teach you how and why you should make a point in the essay and will provide some more tips on pre-writing and writing processes.

  1. 1.       What is the point of your writing?
  • Remember that there is a difference between the topic and point you make. The synonyms to the “point” will be “claim” and “thesis” and all of them mean the most significant sentence, which sums up all your ideas in one central and the most important in the essay statement. In fact, the point is the result of your thinking and something that you want to prove.
  • When you are developing the thesis you should realize that essay writing is not just a process of inventing the point and finding the evidence to defend it. It is rather a search for an answer to the puzzle and the point is actually a solution to it.
  • A good point must tell something important about your research, helps the reader to understand it better. You should not say about things, which are obvious and already known. The thesis is usually disputable and may provoke disagreement.
  • A good thesis is neither too broad nor too narrow. If should involve as many aspects as you can discuss in the frames of your required word count.
  • Often it is not possible to create a perfect thesis before writing the paper. Usually good points are discovered in the process of writing. That is why do not hesitate to modify and refine your point after finishing the draft.
  1. 2.       Preparing for writing the essay.
  • After you have understood your assignment you must gather information for the paper. Make sure that the information is relevant. Data will become evidence only after you agree it with your point.
  • Elaboration the sources will be determined by your assignment: you may need to analyze, summarize or synthesize the ideas from your readings.
  • When working with your sources highlight the ideas, which you find relevant, note them or write down the quotations that are the most characteristic for your position.
  • After completing a research you can make an outline, which will present the core ideas and the evidence you will use to defend them.
  1. 3.       Tips on writing a successful essay.
  • Do not completely repeat the language of your assignment. You should use the necessary term in order to show you are writing about the same thing but still leaving space for your own approach.
  • Do not explicate all your thinking process about the topic. Remember that planning and writing stages go separately and you should write the meaningful points not only for you, but for your reader as well.
  • Make sure that you are bringing something fresh into the context of your topic. Do not repeat thing well-known to everybody. Show your personal view and try to be creative.

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