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How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Essay: Demands to Follow

Thesis statement is an important element of an essay, as it introduces your specific topic and point of view in brief. If you want to learn how to write a thesis statement for an essay qualitatively, you should be aware of its common structure and features.


What are the Peculiarities of a Thesis Statement?

From one side, a thesis statement is a common sentence, most often having a few clauses. From the other side, the demands to it are much higher. It should introduce the topic concisely and fully, setting the further directions for your essay writing. The requirements to a thesis statement deal with its place in an essay, content, structure, and value for conclusion.

       1. The Place of a Thesis Statement

Usually, a thesis statement is placed at the end of an introductory paragraph due to its aim. Indeed, it is an actual introducing of your topic and opinion on it, as well as a linking sentence to the main thoughts on the issue.

       2. Content

The thesis statement represents your topic in its narrowest formulation and specifies what you think about it. It should be certain and supported well during the whole essay writing. Also, remember, that you cannot change an essay without changing of the thesis statement, as well as all thesis statement adjustments should be reflected in the body part.

       3. Structure

A good thesis statement has three main parts. Such structure is clear even for those, who do not know how to write a thesis statement for an essay. All that is required is just complete the parts step by step:

  • Step #1: Topic

Your thesis statement should start from the topic of your essay. It can be a word or a word combination. However, make sure that it is narrow enough and refers to the subject you are really going to write about.

  • Step #2: Your Opinion

After the topic it is necessary for you to include your personal opinion about it. It can be representative by an adjective or by a few adjectives to make your opinion stronger.

  • Step #3: Your Arguments

Even if your essay is not argumentative, there are still a few main ideas you are going to include to your essay. As the minimum body part consists of three paragraphs, there should be three main ideas/arguments.

Let`s see: ‘Jogging (topic) is a healthy and useful way of training (opinion), as it helps to keep fit (argument #1), to set a body clock (argument #2) and gives emotional tonus for the whole day (argument #3).

     4. Value for Conclusion

Actually, each good conclusion has a thesis statement written in different words. This shows that your aim in writing an essay has been successfully reached and you have managed to support your opinion.


Professional Writing of Thesis Statements

If you do care a lot about writing a proper and effective thesis statement, you can communicate with professional writer about this. He will tell you how to write a thesis statement for an essay, and show the examples suitable for your particular essay assignment.

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