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How to write an introduction for an essay effectively?

Introduction is an exceptionally important part of an essay. There are several reasons why you should dedicate much attention to it: the introduction is the first thing readers will see in your paper, which is why it should be catchy. Secondly, here you indicate why your work matters and determine your position regarding some issue. The audience is accustomed to see theses exact things in the introduction, thus, you should follow this scheme without experiments. Our article will provide you with basic steps on introduction writing.

  1. 1.       How do I start my paper?
  • It is not necessary to begin your writing with completing introduction. If you have issues with it you can write it after your paper is ready as then you will see the whole picture and will be able to identify your central idea and the role of your subject in the broader context.
  • The main things you must do in your opening statement are identifying the subject, providing necessary context and focusing reader’s attention.
  • In order to focus the reader’s attention you must know what they need. An awareness of the needs will assist you in determining the details, which the reader finds important and interesting.
  • The opening usually does not only states about the subjects but predicts that the writer will offer solutions to a certain issue, which must be interesting for the readers.
  • Remember that openings do not contain information about irrelevant subjects or unnecessary details.
  1. 2.       Hook for the reader.
  • A hook is a sentence or two that usually begin your paper and are able to grab your attention.
  • There are many methods to write a hook, among them:

-          An anecdote – a short funny story which relates to your topic;

-          Quotation from literature or any other source;

-          Saying of a famous person;

-          Surprising statistics data;

-          Curious unknown fact;

-          Rhetoric question.

  • Remember that anything you use for the hook should be relevant to your subject of writing.
  1. 3.       Thesis statement.


  • The thesis is one of the most significant parts of the paper usually. It should be one or two sentences long and express your position on the issue, your central idea.
  • One more function of the thesis statement is leading the reader. It is a roadmap for your paper as should not only state your main point but also indicate the reason. Thus, the audience will be able to shape their expectations.
  • Thesis statement is usually the last part of the introduction and, thus, should be a transition to the main body of the paper – prepare the reader to your arguments.
  • You should develop a thesis before writing the draft. Before you start you need to know at least approximately the frames of your work.
  • Do not be afraid to modify your thesis after the paper is completed. Make sure it corresponds to your arguments and supporting evidence.

These are some basic points you should consider when writing the introductory part of the essay. Remember that the main features are conciseness, informativity, relevance to the reader’s interest and your subject.


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