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Persuasive Speech against Abortion: Valid Arguments

Abortion is an example of the moral dilemma issues, when you cannot be fully sure in your decision. Both: people, who are for it, and those, who are against, have good arguments to support their side. While writing a persuasive speech against abortion, you should also show the weak sides of the opposite opinion.


How to Persuade Others in Your Opinion against Abortion?

Any contradictory issue has two sides, so you should take both into account. The only specification is that you show the strengths of your side and weakness of the opposite one.


          1. Arguments against Abortion

Here we will give you some ideas how to support your side against abortion.

  • Abortion Is a Murder

Babies, even the unborn ones are considered to be human beings by law. Therefore, abortion is a factual killing of a person. This is definitely a crime, which needs to be punished.

  • Abortion Brings Pain

The unborn children can also experience pain while abortion. Thus, abortion is a terrible procedure of painful and cruel killing.

  • Impact on the Mother`s Psychology

Abortion causes inevitable changes in psychology of women. After the procedure women tend to feel depressed and regret of what they have done.

  • Adoption Instead of Abortion

If a woman does not want a baby, she can give the new-born to people, who are ready to adopt it. The number of children, who can be adopted, decrease due to the growing number of the abortion cases.

  • Discrimination before the Birth

In most of cases woman do aborts due to the diagnosis for the unborn child. Therefore, abortion against children, who are having genetic problems, such as Down syndrome, presses the rights of such people and contributes to their not enjoying full rights in the society.

  • The Value of Life

Abortion makes people believe, that human being`s life is not that worthy and can be sacrificed for convenience. This develops a culture of possibility of unnecessary people, who can be killed for a reason. Thus, abortion stays near suicides, euthanasia and other cases of the kind.

  • Medical Problems

Abortion can be a terrible mistake for a woman, as in some cases she won`t be able to have a healthy child again. Also, some scientists claim, that abortion has a certain influence to the breast cancer in future.

  • Giving No Chance for Achievements

There are a lot of cases in history of the mankind, where women refused to commit abortion and their children became famous. Who knows: who was aborted: a new laureate of Nobel Prize for Peace of famous musician? Abortion gives no chances for a child to make a contribution to the society.


          2. Weak Sides of Arguments for Abortion

Here are some ideas on how to deal with the opposite arguments.

  • Controlling the Body

Abortion helps women to control their bodies. However, this “control” is against nature, and causes serious problems for a woman`s health.

  • Fetus Is Not a Human Being

Fetuses have all the features of a normal human being of a Homo sapiens kind. It has the nervous system, so it has feelings.

  • Abortion Decreases the Amount of Taxes

They say that women, who decline abortion, are more likely to live on welfare. Furthermore, their children often need the financial support from government as well. However, who cares about money, when we talk about the humans` lives? Life should not be evaluated by financial calculations.



If you need more arguments, or you feel that you lack the examples and supportive materials, our writers will provide you with them.

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