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Students do not have unlimited funds. As they learn how to support their living, students are searching for the cheap custom essays, which will satisfy their demands.

Cheap Essay Writing Services

Our company offers you a number of cheap writing services. All they vary in price, so you can select the one, which is pocket-friendly for you.

  1. Writing from Scratch

    Our experts will be glad to help you on writing cheap custom essays from scratch. This means, that they will start from a fresh list and will cite every source if used. If your assignment instructions do not require your writer to use any sources, he will complete it basing on his own experience, knowledge and original ideas. Taking into account the fact that experienced professional writer will work on you, the price offered is quite low. So, an average student can afford cheap custom essays online.

  2. Rewriting

    Cheap essay writingThis is the good alternative decision for you if the price for writing from scratch service seems to be too high. All you need is to read the assignment instructions and try to complete it by yourself. Do not worry if you are not sure, whether the paper is completed properly. You can come to our website to order rewriting one from cheap essay writing services. Your helper will check the instructions and their following. The completed essay will be rewritten with changing up to 70% of your text and it will perfectly meet the specifications required.

  3. Editing

    Cheap essays This is the cheapest essay writing service for students, who need their draft to be fixed. The lowest price is caused by the lowest amount of changes that can be applied to draft provided. However, up to 30% of changes allow your writer to replace and adjust some features or arguments, improve the structure of the text and of each particular sentence. Editing service also includes the final proofreading.

  4. Proofreading

    Proofreading costs just a little more than nothing, but it helps you to avoid grades deduction for minor issues with the completed writing. It is of a great help for people, who are not well with grammar, word choice, spelling etc. Therefore, the international students ask for this cheap and useful service quite often. Due to our help you will never again get a low grade for the paper with proper sense and interesting content.

Secrets of Price Calculation

There are some services, which evaluate the price for each particular assignment due to its complexity and efforts needed to be spent for completion. Our company does not work this way. All the prices are maximally objective and clear for customers. As you can see, our pricing list for cheap custom essays includes such selections, which influence the price to be paid:

  • Deadline Always on time

    The deadline selection shows us whether you need the paper to be written urgently or you can give us some more time. In fact, if you can give our writer much time to work on your assignment, the price will be lower. In case you can give us just a few hours to complete a brilliant custom paper for you, the price will be much higher due to the urgency. If you want to check and reread your paper before submission, you should still select the longest possible deadline. This helps to save your money as your writer will deliver the completed assignment as soon as it is completed.

  • Academic Level

    Here is the factor, which takes into account the complexity of your assignment. Surely, the High School paper is much easier to complete than the university one, so it will be cheaper. Everything is logical and there is no need to check the assignment instructions to evaluate the price for an order.

  • Number of Pages

    It takes much less time to complete a page in comparison to writing a 5 pages paper. Thus, as more efforts will be spent on larger assignments, they will cost more than cheap custom essays for 1-2 pages. Each page adding requires you to pay an additional cost.

  • Type of Service

    Our cheap essay writing services include the range of possibilities starting from writing from scratch down to proofreading. The less text you need your writer to write, the lower will be the price for your cheap custom essay.

Why Are We the Best among the Cheap Essay Writing Services?

Let`s compare our prices and offers with other companies:



The affordable prices per page with cheap essay writing services

The high prices per page for custom essays

The brilliant quality

The normal quality in the best case

The free pages for title and references

Every single page counts

Free checking of the text via plagiarism detecting program

Assurance in originality for an additional cost

Free delivery of your paper even if it is sent long before the deadline expired

The delivery never before the due date being paid for and at the delivery cost

Free revisions

Corrections can be performed if you pay for them

You pay for pure well-written text only

You pay for an essay, and also an extra cost for title and reference page, for plagiarism free assurance, for adjustments and delivery.

How Can One Get a Good Price Offer?

You should definitely contact support team if you are interested in our cheap essay writing services. The prices are fixed, but you can still lower the amount to get the extra cheap custom essays.

  • Discounts for Special Customers

    Our support team representative can find an appropriate offer for each customer. Among our temporary offers there are:

    • Discounts for the New Customers Low prices Guarantee

      One will surely get a discount for the first time usage of our service. This is to introduce our cheap essay writing services and make it possible for the customer to check the quality we perform.

    • Discounts for the Returning Customers

      The more orders you place – the higher discount you will get for the next one. Contact our support team and request for the best discount you can get!

  • Special Time Limited Offers

    Check whether we have some offers for holidays or due to the low season, so you will be able to get the cheap custom essays even at the lower price!

    You will surely enjoy the received best quality and cheap custom essays!

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