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Best Pricing for Custom Writing at the Highest Quality

Essay writing service of a dream is the one, which offers the highest quality assistance at a cheap price. Our cheap writing service does its best to become as close to the ideal as it is possible.

The Best Pricing among Essay Writing Services

Custom Writing Services

We do not claim that our prices are the lowest. However, we guarantee you, that pricing, which we offer, is the best. How this can happen? In fact, there are scammers among custom writing services and they offer extremely low prices to attract attention. We do not work this way. We offer the minimum possible prices for delivery of high quality papers. However, we also understand the financial issues a student can face, so there are a fewways to lower the total.

  1. Ask for a Discount

    This is the easiest way to save your money. In fact, you need to contact support team, explain that the total is too high for you to pay and you will get the best possible discount. Yes, we are the cheap writing service, which can become even cheaper.

  2. Change Some of the Order Instructions

    Our pricing is fixed and the total for each custom paper is calculated taking into account such categories as your academic level, number of pages for your assignment, deadline you can give us for completion, type of service you need.

    • Modify the Needed Deadline

      If you do not want to overpay for order of assignment with our essay writing service, you should better select the longest possible deadline. No need to request the shorter time for completion, because you will most likely get the paper before the due date. We send papers right after they are completed and after they went through plagiarism detector and quality control.

    • Select a Lower Number of Pages

      Each page has its price. Thus, to pay less you can request not so many pages as needed. In fact, with our cheap writing service you will get an efficient and informative paper. You will be able to add some more pages just elaborating some issues eliminated. Moreover, you should remember, that title page and reference pages come for free.

    • Try to Write an Essay by Yourself

      Due to your prompts you can also save your money. If you manage to write the whole paper, you will be able to request rewriting or editing service. Essay writing services suitable for correction of customers` drafts cost less.

Additional Features for Brilliant Quality and No Worries

The essay writing services we perform are always satisfactory as we hire only experts in academic writing. However, some customers are willing to pay for additional features to be surer in quality of their orders completion. We are glad to suggest some additional possibilities for our customers.

  • Features Dealing with Writer`s Selection

    As getting a proficient writer as an assistant contributes to success of your paper, we offer you a few ways to influence the process of writer`s choice.

    • Writer`s Sample Essay Writing

      Having requested the writer`s sample with our cheap writing service, you will pay a few dollars for 1 page from a paper completed by your writer before. In order to keep the process fair, the page is generated by our system. You can check the style of order completion of your writer and then confirm working with him or request another one.

    • Editor`s Services

      This feature is good for you if you need two writers to check your custom written paper. Actually, one will complete your assignment at its best and the other one will edit and proofread the draft. Only after this the assignment will be delivered to you.

    • Categories of Writers

      There are three categories of writes working on our essay writing service. Best available essay writer can be requested for free. The other two categories are additional and require an extra payment.

      • Top-Writer Top Writers

        Top writer is the one, who shows the higher level of performance and his statistics shows the big number of satisfied customers. Top writer works on us for more than 2 years and also has the previous experience working on other custom writing services for long.

      • Professional Writer

        Professional writers are the best writers we have. They have the highest possible rate of customers` satisfaction and their experience in field of essay writing services exceeds 4 years. All the professional writers have Ph.D. diplomas as well.

  • Summary Page for Custom Paper

    This is a helpful opportunity to get your whole paper summarized in one page for you to know what your writer has written about. Having read the summary page delivered separately from the completed assignment, you will be ready to answer all your professor`s questions dealing with your paper.

How Do We Control the Quality of Performance?

Offering you to pay to for the custom writing services we have, we guarantee the best possible quality of performance. Moreover, this is not a simple promise. Our service takes all the necessary measures to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of paper delivered.

  • Work of Quality Control High Quality For Cheap

    We carefully control our writers and the way they do custom assignments. Our custom writing service has the special quality control department, which regularly checks the statistics of each particular writer and makes sure that he works well.

  • Proper Motivation

    We motivate our writers to develop their skills and be always up-to-date. Every writer knows, that high level of customers` satisfaction leads to bonuses and upraise in writer`s position.

What Do You Pay For?

Here is the table, which represents, what you pay for requesting the certain custom writing services with our company.

Type of Essay Writing Service Requested

Set of Options Included

Writing from scratch

Free selection of best appropriate writer, completion of the assignment according to instructions, free title and reference page, free checking of paper for plagiarism, free delivery of soft copy to personal page, free revisions, free formatting, free 24/7 support.


Checking your paper for mistakes and correction up to 70% of draft, free selection of best appropriate writer, free title and reference page, free delivery of soft copy to personal page, free revisions, free formatting (optional), free 24/7 support


Checking your paper for mistakes and correction up to 30% of draft, free selection of best appropriate editor, free title and reference page, free delivery of soft copy to personal page, free revisions, free formatting (optional), free 24/7 support


Correction of minor mistakes without changing of the paper`s sense by an expert, free selection of best appropriate editor, free title and reference page, free delivery of soft copy to personal page, free revisions, free formatting (optional), free 24/7 support

It is always a good deal to get the properly order completion at an average price with our cheap writing service!

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