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Understand the True Value of Time

Essays online are mostly ordered not by lazy students, as stereotype says, but by those, who know and use the true value of time. Furthermore, time is important if talking about the due date for the assignment submission.

  • Saving Time Due to Order of Essay Online On-tme delivery

    If you need only the highest grades for your assignment, you will be required to do nothing but study. However, the conditions of modern world make such situation impossible, as students need to earn their living on part-time jobs. Orders of essays online do help to cope with such a tough task without sacrificing of grades or job position. Check the approximate evaluation of the time needed to be spent for 5 pages completion. Look at the comparison between writing by yourself and requesting of the essay online with us:

    Stage of Essay Completion

    Actions Required for the Stage of Writing

    You Would Spend

    You Spend Buying Essay Online

    Pre-Writing Stage. Step 1.

    Checking online and offline libraries for adequate and reliable sources

    2 days

    5 minutes (to place your order)

    Pre-Writing Stage. Step 2.

    Reading the sources and making notes

    2 days

    0 minutes

    Pre-Writing Stage. Step 3.

    Writing an outline

    1-2 hours

    0 minutes

    Writing Stage. Step 1.

    Writing of the first draft

    4-6 hours

    0 minutes

    Writing Stage. Step 2.

    Checking of the draft and fixing it

    2 hours

    10 minutes (just for reading and comments to the completed essay online)

    Writing Stage. Step 3.

    Final draft completion

    1 hour

    0 minutes

    Formatting Stage

    Formatting of the completed essay according to the paper format/citation style  instructions

    1 hour

    0 minutes

    Final Proofreading Stage

    Checking the paper on minor mistakes of various types

    30 minutes

    0 minutes

    Printing Out of the Essay


    1 minute

    1 minute


    The Approximate Evaluation of the time spent for an assignment completion

    4 days 13 hours 30 minutes

    16 minutes: 4 days 13 hours and 17 minutes saved!

  • Never Be Late with Submission of Papers: Variety of Deadlines for Essays Online

    If you are working on academic assignments by yourself, you are facing the risk of late submission as you cannot be sure that the essay will be written in time. In case you decide to order an online essay with our service, you can be definite that the paper will be delivered in time.

    • Short Deadline for the Essay Online Delivery

      Essay OnlineIf you need your paper to be delivered within the shortest time, you can select a few hours deadline. We offer the time limits for assignments completion starting from 4 hours! The paper will never be sent to you later, but most likely you will get it even a few minutes/ few tens of minutes before the due time to check. Online essays are always completed qualitatively.

    • Long Deadlines for Assignments Completion

      If you do not have the certain time frames for papers completion online, or you have a lot of time to do your academic assignment, you can select a long deadline. It is important for you to know, that if you select the longest deadline, this does not mean that you will get the paper at the last minute. We will be glad to deliver your essays online as soon as your writer completes them.

    • Specific Extra Short Deadline Requests

      Some orders can be completed even within less than 4 hours. Please contact our support team for further instructions regarding the extra urgent essay online request.

Quality of Urgent Orders

Happy Customers When students request for urgent delivery of papers, they always ask if urgent assignments will be written properly. We guarantee that each paper completed by our service will be written at the highest standards. Here are the facts for you to be assured:

  • Only writers, who are experienced in urgent essays online completion can be assigned to urgent orders
  • Only Master`s and Ph.D. level helpers work on our company
  • The minimum revision deadline is 2 hours, so extra short adjustments are also possible
  • We always make sure that only the expert in your field gets assigned
  • All the orders including the extra urgent ones are run through the plagiarism detector.

How to Communicate?

  • Contact Our Support Team

    If you have any questions on how to place your order properly and fast, you should better contact support. There are a few ways to get assisted and you can select the most comfortable one for you. All ways for communication are available 24/7/365 for the best quality support. There will never be any delays as all the issues will be resolved right away.

    • E-Mail Us

      Support TeamYou can be sure that after you send an e-mail to us, it will be responded within the shortest time. We will answer regarding any of the point dealing with your essays online clearly and fully.

    • Call Us

      Dial the toll-free phone number available on our website and our support team representative will be glad to check your specific online essay order and assist you on any issues.

    • Message Us

      If you have an order with us, no matter whether it is paid or not, you can message support team from your personal page.

    • Chat with Us

      This is the best way of communication if you are placing your order to request an essay online. The live-chat window will always be in the right-hand bottom corner, so you can ask for support in process of instructions filling in.

  • Contact Your Writer

    Writing essays online Your writer is the person, who knows the requirements for your online essay the best. Thus, there are some issues and clarifications regarding the paper instructions, which can be resolved with your writer only. Do not hesitate to message your writer directly if needed! You can send a message after the order is paid and your assistant will respond right after being assigned. Prompt responses are guaranteed.

    The communication helps to avoid any misunderstandings and due to the fruitful assistance you get the perfect online essay from the first draft! This is one of the reasons why students from all over the world come to our service with their friends for qualitative and fast essays online.

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