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What Are the Main Points to Take into Account While Writing a Paper?

Writing A Paper

What Skills and Personal Features Should Be Well-Developed for Writing?

If you want to become a good writer, you should understand that it is necessary to work on skills development. Academic writing is quite time consuming and requires you to spent efforts. However, the better developed skills you have – the easier it will be for you to write an academic assignment.

  1. The General Writing Skill

    This is a skill, which deals with your ability to put your thoughts into a paper. If a person reads books, journals and/or news papers, he makes his vocabulary richer. This will help to select the proper words to express your opinion clearly and to avoid repetitions.

  2. Accuracy

    Accuracy as a personal feature also has an influence on quality of writing. You should be accurate on two stages of working on an academic assignment:

    • While Checking the Assignment Instructions

      You should accurately read all the requirements and take into account even the minor specifications. This will help you to meet the professor`s expectations better and, thus, get a high grade.

    • While Formatting and Proofreading

      It is also necessary to check your paper accurately after it has been written. Firstly, you should check whether all sources have been cited properly. If you miss some citations, this will cause to plagiarism in your paper. Furthermore, you should check, whether your paper has no mistakes. Due to the accurate checking of the text before submission, you can avoid the grade deduction caused by the minor mistakes.

  3. Analytical Skill Analyzing

    An analytical skill is also commonly required, no matter what type of paper you are working on. It should be applied in two aspects:

    • To Analyze Sources

      Before you start writing, you should check the appropriate sources for it. Therefore, you should analyze the material covered by them in order to evaluate the sources` relevance for your particular issue.

    • To Analyze the Issue

      It is obvious, that if you have got an assignment on a certain issue, this means that you need to carry your own analysis of it. Based on the materials, you have found on online and offline libraries, you should have your own opinion on the topic. Therefore, you should have enough information for the qualitative analysis to be included to your academic paper.

  4. Persuasive Skill

    Actually, the persuasive skill is required not only for the persuasive essays` writing. In fact, writing any academic paper needs to be convincing, as your reader needs to believe in what you are writing about.

How to Check the Assignment Instructions Well?

As it was already mentioned, checking of assignment instructions is the first thing you should do before writing any academic paper. You should be accurate and attentive while checking. Here is the algorithm of the careful checking of instructions.

  • Sources for writing Checking the Main Things

    Highlight the topic of your paper and the type of assignment required.

  • Determination of the Type

    Underline the verbs and the verbal phrases, such as “describe”, “critically evaluate”, “tell a story”, “convince”, “persuade” etc. Detecting of such elements will help you to determine the required character of your future paper.

  • Paying Attention to Sources

    Note the main sources, which are required to be used while writing. These notes will be helpful for you while your visit to the library.

  • Length

    Encircle the pages or word count limits required. The thing is that not reaching the required number of pages or exceeding the limit of words can also cause the deduction of the grade for your paper.

  • Citation

    You should also find the paper citation style required to be used and highlight it. If you do not know, what is this – check your paper instructions for having abbreviations APA or MLA (these paper formats are the most frequently requested). There can also be Harvard referencing or Chicago/Turrabian paper formats required. There are a lot of styles, but the mentioned above are the most likely to be requested.

Why Type of Assignment Is So Important to Be Taken Into Account?

We advise you to pay a special attention to the type of assignment needed for your academic paper. If you carefully follow the requirements for the assignment of the particular type, this will contribute to your success.

  • Different Assignments – Different Aims

    The variety of types of assignments exists, because professors need to check all of your skills as well as your knowledge from various sides. Thus, there can be different aims of assignments, which influence the type determination:

    • Investigation Support team

      There are assignments, according to which you need to learn more about the issue and apply the received knowledge while writing. Thus, your professor will check your ability to investigate.

    • Having a Certain Opinion

      Science is full of problematic questions, which have not been solved yet. Thus, there are some types of assignments, which require you to analyze the issue by your own and get a certain point of view on it, offering a certain solution. This makes you ready to a serious scientific work, making your own contribution to development of science and solving its problems.

    • Persuading Good Grade

      Having got some of the assignments, you will be required to persuade your reader. Professors check this skill, as it is quite important not only in scientific sphere, but also in everyday life. You should be maximally certain if you talk about something.

    • Showing the Awareness

      It is also necessary to check, how you understand the material, given by a certain course. Thus, there are a lot of assignments, which just check, how whether you got the required information and whether you can apply it in practice.

  • Different Assignments – Different Ways of Completion

    Different assignments have different requirements, and let`s see what are the main things they usually differ in. As there are too many types of papers to compare, we will check this on example of the most frequently assigned ones: essay and research paper.

    Features to Be Compared


    Research Paper


    An essay needs to have at least 5 paragraphs (introduction, the 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion)

    There are many parts that the research paper needs to have: an abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.


    There are no limitations unless your professor set them. An essay length can start from half of a page.

    The length requirements depend on the assignment instructions. However, a good research paper cannot have less than 3 pages.


    An essay usually has the personal point of view of the writer to a certain issue

    A research paper has the results of the certain research carried and the evaluation of the results


    To learn about the issue and analyze it

    To learn more on the issue and check it in practice

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